Carry Trade Strategy: Making a Profit From Interest

Carry Trade Strategy: Making a Profit From Interest
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Navigating the complexities of Forex trading and asset management often presents a challenging task due to the unique constraints associated with each asset type and individual trading style. Yet, certain strategies, such as the Carry Trade strategy, hold the potential to make a profit. 
This article aims to clarify the Carry Trade strategy and how to apply it in the forex market.

What Is Carry Trade?

The Carry Trade strategy involves leveraging low-interest rates to invest in high-return assets. This process is termed as "profiting from interest rate differentials."
For Example, if you borrow 100 US Dollar at a 1% interest rate, and subsequently invest these funds in assets generating a 5% return. The profit here comes from the 4% interest rate differential.
The carry trade strategy typically involves borrowing in a low-interest currency, converting it into a higher-interest currency, and then depositing the acquired funds in the high-interest currency. These funds can then be invested in various assets within that currency, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.
However, note that when applied to financial derivative trading or similar activities, this strategy may lead to the risk of unalterable contractual agreements and potential future exchange rate lock-ins. As such, the losses may exceed the gains.

Carry Trade in the Forex Market

This strategy capitalizes on interest rate differentials to generate profits from currency trading without the necessity of physical presence in a foreign country. When trading via brokers, an overnight holding cost or a "swap" often incurs.

In this context, focus on currency pairs with a positive swap, meaning buy a currency with a high-interest rate and sell one with a low-interest rate. For Example, you could borrow (or place a sell order) on the JPY (low-interest currency) and then invest (or place a buy order) in the AUD (high-interest currency). The overnight position allows you to profit from the positive swap. However, remember that increased capital flow also carries risks.

How to Apply the Strategy?

The Carry Trade strategy can be implemented in two ways:

1. Trading Within the Same Broker

Pros: Easy funds transfer from a positive account balance to a negative one.
Cons: Broker's policy changes may obstruct fund withdrawals.

2. Trading Across Different Brokers

Pros: Avoids broker disputes regarding fund withdrawals.
Cons: Transferring funds from a positive balance account to a negative one across brokers may prove challenging.


The Carry Trade strategy, a resemblance to Arbitrage, harnesses interest rate differentials for profit generation. It requires understanding the interest rate differences between currencies and is more suited to long-term investments. Therefore, it demands patience and strategic investment allocation planning. Remember, ease of execution doesn't equate to a guarantee of substantial profits, and the strategy does carry its share of risks.
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