The Costs of Overtrading: What You Need to Know

The Costs of Overtrading: What You Need to Know
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In Forex trading, many terminologies exist, and one of the most significant is referred to as 'overtrading.' This term specifically refers to situations where traders allow their emotions to overshadow their rational judgment during trading. This article will help you understand deeper into this concept, offering valuable guidance for those who might find themselves facing such trouble.

What Is Overtrade?

Overtrading is a phenomenon that happens when the level of trading goes beyond one's capacity to tolerate risk. This is typically driven by powerful emotions rather than a well-reasoned, calculated approach to decision-making. In practice, this might involve the initiation of large trading positions with considerable lot sizes, all hinging on the hope of reaping quick profits within a restrained timeframe. Such a course of action can lead to traders wasting their entire trading capital in a day.


Trading Patterns That May Lead To Overtrading

1. Trading With a High Lot Size

One example that can potentially lead to overtrading is the practice of trading with a high lot size. To put this into perspective, if the trading capital does not exceed $300 and the lot size opened is 0.3 or even higher, it can be classified as a significant risk.


2. Trading With Emotions

Trading that is fueled by emotions is another dominant factor that contributes to overtrading. Emotions such as anger and greed can drive readers to bypass a thorough analysis, culminating in an increased number of mistakes and subsequent losses.


3. Trading Too Frequently 

Overtrading can also emerge when traders engage in trading activities too frequently within a short period. This behavior is often correlated with trading invested with excessive emotions, which can pave the way for significant losses.


Behavior of Overtrading

Traders who are inclined to overtrade often invest a considerable amount of time glued to their screens, fervently seeking opportunities to make quick profits that can offset losses incurred from previous trades. This behavior shares striking similarities with gambling, as these traders are fixated on making profits, unwilling to let a single moment pass without some form of financial gain.


Strategies to Tackle Issues When Overtrading Occurs

To effectively address the problem of overtrading, consider implementing the following strategies:

1. Stop trading immediately and take a break to ensure emotional control and prevent the possibility of overtrading in the future.

2. Identify the root cause of the issue and start trading activities again with a demo account, which serves as a safer alternative. Consider other trading techniques that do not use a large amount of real capital, enabling safe practice and a comprehensive understanding of your unique trading plan.



In summary, overtrading is interchangeable with excessive trading. If you find yourself in a situation of overtrading, the initial step to take should be to halt trading immediately. When you feel ready to reengage in trading, it's advisable to initiate with a demo account, as this is a safer alternative to a real account. It is important to prioritize learning about various trading strategies to help you successfully navigate the complexities of this market.


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